The verification process can be completed, either by toll-free fax or email.

To verify your account and age, please take a digital copy (scan, cell phone picture, digital camera) and e-email or fax a valid U.S. Government issued identification card. The identification card must be current and contain your date of birth. The document must also include the email address you used to sign up for This information can be included in the body of the e-mail or simply be handwritten somewhere on the document. Fax and email information are listed below. A sample verification document is also provided for your convenience.

Fax: 1-866-640-5757


To help protect our company and our valued customers, requires all new customers to verify their account and age, before making any online purchases. As part of our Terms of Service, customers who do not verify their account and age will have outstanding orders canceled after 30 (thirty) days. The process is simple and once your account and age are verified, you will be able to continue your shopping experience without interruption. We suggest that you verify your age as soon as you open a new account at, but you have the option to verify at your earliest convenience.

Orders received for accounts that have not completed the verification process will be notified via email, that their orders will not ship until verification is completed. Any and all orders that have been received from unverified customers will be held for 30 (thirty) days, without a credit card charge and then canceled. If verification is received before the 30 (thirty) day limit, orders will ship as usual. The process to verify your account and age is detailed below.